Autodesk Cloud Brings a Wealth of Features and Benefits for Subscription Customers

If you are an Autodesk Subscription customer you can now extend your desktop and many of your CAD-based tools into the cloud thanks to the newly launched Autodesk Cloud. Launched in September, 2011, Autodesk Cloud strengthens and extends many of the collaboration tools that Autodesk has launched in the last decade including Buzzsaw and AutoCAD WS (which allows users to perform CAD design with a browser or with a mobile iOS or Android device). So what does Autodesk Cloud have to offer and who can take advantage of it? Basic Cloud Services for all Subscription Customers Using Autodesk Cloud, all subscription customers can now access the basic features of the service as part of their existing subscription license. These services enable users to share their designs with others (even if they don't have the design software used to create the files). Even better, whether you’re in the field or at your local Starbucks, you’ll be able to view and edit your design files from any mobile device or via the web. Autodesk Cloud also provides up to 3GB worth of storage for files hosted in the cloud. Autodesk’s Cloud has been developed in partnership with multiple companies including Amazon and Citrix. In fact, the relationship with Amazon Web Services has extended over three years to provide a cloud platform that is secure and scalable. Greater Benefits for Select Subscription Customers While the above features are available to all subscription customers (learn more about them from Autodesk here) if you happen to be a subscriber to a certain set of Autodesk products and suites, then you get lots more. For example, if you have an existing Autodesk subscription license to these select products you can also enjoy the following:
  • Autodesk Cloud rendering – Produce photorealistic visualizations in the cloud without clogging up your desktop or needing special hardware.
  • Autodesk Inventor optimization – Test the performance of design options via cloud-based simulation.
  • Autodesk Buzzsaw – Centralize and improve team collaboration with this cloud-based document, data and design management solutions for AEC teams.
  • Green Building Studio – Perform faster, more accurate energy analysis, optimize energy efficiency, and improve the carbon footprint of multiple design options by accessing the Autodesk Green Building Studio service, powered by Autodesk Cloud.
  • Conceptual Energy Analysis – Use cloud-based energy analysis to determine energy consumption and building energy costs of early design concepts from within the design application.
How to Get Started If you are a subscription customer you can quickly get started with the cloud, or check which features are available to you via Autodesk’s Getting Started with Autodesk Cloud guide. Autodesk resellers (such as DLT Solutions, Autodesk’s Master Government Reseller) can also provide more information about the new service.   Related Blogs