The 2012 [acronym] Public Sector CAD Awards – So what’s in It for You?

Earlier this month we formally launched the 2012 [acronym] Public Sector CAD Awards. Did you enter yet? Wondering what’s in it for you? In a nutshell, this is the only contest of its kind that gives public sector agencies (and the contractors that support them) an opportunity to share the creative ways they have used digital design/CAD software to improve the performance of their agency and enhance the delivery of citizen-centric services. Even better, we go above and beyond to share your achievements with your peers, the media, and the industry. Government agencies are often at the cutting edge of design innovation, but rarely get the opportunity to showcase their achievements. This is where we come in. Not only will we recognize the winners of the CAD Awards, at a virtual awards ceremony and expo in January 2013 (headlined by Autodesk Technical Evangelist, Lynn Allen), we’ll also give you a chance to share your achievements, best practices, and insights online and in print. To give you a taste, here’s just a sampling of what we did to promote the achievements of last year’s winners:
  • Our first prize winner, The Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University, contributed a blog series showcasing how they implemented six million square feet of BIM at one of the nation’s largest medical centers. The blogs proved to be our most popular ever, and gave the facilities management team at the Center the opportunity to map their implementation approach and better share their best practices and lessons learned with other organizations.
  • We interviewed and wrote an article showcasing the work of government contractor and first runner-up, Rich3D. Rich3D developed an innovative and complex 3D virtual training system for military personnel via a ubiquitous tool in the U.S. government – an Adobe Acrobat document!
  • Second runner-up, the New York Department of Design and Construction agreed to be interviewed to help us create a case study of their achievements with BIM across a $6 million portfolio.
This could be you! Submit your nomination for the 2012 CAD Awards before December 1, 2012, for a chance to shine in front of your peers and the media.