CAD News & Tips for Govies 4/24

How does AutoCAD 2015 streamline cloud integration? Roundabouts or intersections – which traffic control device should you choose?

These and other stories are featured in this week’s CAD News & Tips for Govies, a weekly feature on Acronym that scans thousands of industry articles to present you with a regular source of CAD and GIS news, tips, events, and ideas that impact the public sector:

Roundabouts and Intersections: Two Traffic Control Devices, Many Options

Roundabout design was once a task that drove engineers around the bend. Accounting for so many variables in the early stages of design was difficult to manage. If one changes an approach leg angle, how does that impact design? When you know the capacity requirements, how does that impact the size of the center radius? Before engineers make any decisions, they always ask themselves: when do you choose a roundabout over a traditional intersection? This articles from Better Roads offers some useful insight.

6 Ways to Keep Your Agency Current on Tech, News, and Industry Trends

It seems that every day there is a new phone, new computer, or an update to software. How do you keep your agency up to date? Here are several tools and resources you can take advantage of to get as much current information with minimal effort. Read more from Line/Shape/Space.

5 Things About AutoCAD Cloud Integration Your Boss Wants To Know

With each version of AutoCAD, users see improved and new features. The 2015 release is no exception, and allows a more stringent cloud integration which lets you accomplish a lot more with one-click than in the past. Learn more about what these features are and how they are going to make your life a whole lot easier from Stewart Hudson, guest blogging for Synergis Engineering Design Solutions.

Why It Pays to Broaden your Experience beyond Engineering

Ready to be the best you can as a structural engineers and societal pace setter? Then it’s time to broaden your perspective and range of influence. Accomplishing that requires six things. Read more from ASCE Roundup.

Webinar: Using The National Map Services to Enable your Web and Mobile Mapping Efforts

Are you a developer, firm, or organization using mobile or web applications to enable your users?  The USGS has publicly available geospatial services and data to help you! The USGS’ National Geospatial Technical Operations Center will be hosting a 30 minute Webinar on “Using The National Map services to enable your web and mobile mapping efforts” on the April 30, at 9.00 am MT. Learn more and register here.

Govies Search for Talent on Twitter

Looking to staff up your design or engineering team? Twitter might be able to help. According to Government Technology magazine, some government officials are finding Twitter a fast, cheap and easy method of advertising new job openings in their agencies. Learn why and how your agency or department can take advantage of Twitter for your next recruitment drive.

Top Reasons to Move to Revit Architecture 2015

All software programs have requests to fix and improve the product. Sometimes new versions include a change or two based on user comments, sometimes not. With Revit 2015, Autodesk heard you and acted on those user comments and requests making Revit 2015 a version that users will be very happy to have.  Here are some of Autodesk’s more significant changes to Revit 2015 for Architecture as explained by Glenn Hoeflinger on CADD Microsystem’s latest blog.

Experience a Smooth Ride in Revit – How to Keep your Project Intact and Moving

If you’ve ever accidentally moved a linked model or deleted a bunch of column grids in older versions of Revit and found your whole world crashing down around you, then you’ll want to know about these practical ways to keep your project intact and speed up your overall work in Revit.

Featured image courtesy of the Federal Highway Administration.