3 Major Ways Transportation Agencies Are Using Google Solutions

When you're responsible for managing transportation infrastructure, field personnel and vehicles, having up-to-date information about locations and status is mission critical. To optimize resource coordination, central operations must be able to pinpoint infrastructure, assets, and employees. And communication channels must be strong to keep field workers and headquarters staff on the same page.

Here’s just a few ways that transportation agencies are using Google Solutions:

  1. Decision Support – Google solutions provide agencies with real-time data visualization to support decision-making.
  2. Empower Mobile Workers – Mobile mapping provides capabilities to video chat, real-time document sharing and other collaboration tools, no matter where the job takes them
  3. Inform the Public – Agencies are quickly and easily sharing data to the public. Time is money - and knowing when you will be boarding and arriving is critical for some US cities. Some agencies are using Google Maps Engine as an interactive train locator that informs the public of where trains are and when they will reach their destinations.

Discover how organizations like CalTrans and Amtrak support decision-making, keep employees informed and provide useful information to the public. Powerful Google solutions, including mobile devices with easy-to-use mapping tools and collaboration applications, make employees more efficient while reducing costs.

Download the white paper for more information about Google solutions for transportation.

Acronym has also co-produced two e-books which take a deeper dive into how government agencies can and are using Google for emergency preparedness and response as well as greater collaboration, productivity and more:

  • Achieve Mission Success with Google for Govies - Explores how innovative and secure visualization, mapping, search and collaboration tools from Google are helping the DoD and federal government realize its cloud computing goals and simplify IT, while achieving enhanced productivity and reduced costs.
  • Google Emergency Response Tools for Govies - Explores how information management and collaboration tools from Google can help emergency management teams achieve unparalleled situational awareness before, during and after a crisis.  It also shares real-life examples of groundbreaking programs from state and local governments, non-profit organizations and more

By Emily Neal