How to Put Together a BIM Training for Everyone

We all know BIM isn't just for the techy folks. Other stakeholders, like engineers, architects, project managers and facilities managers need to understand BIM concepts too. But these casual users are often under-served by BIM training. After all, these aren't always the people who attend Autodesk University and other technology training events which tend to focus on the people who actually use BIM software like Revit.

BIM is a big investment, so it's worth making sure everyone on your team has some working knowledge of it. But how can you go about getting everyone in the office to at least understand enough about BIM to be a little bit dangerous, and collaborate and communicate better.

If you're looking for BIM training for everyone, take a look at this great article by Kate Morrical over on Line//Shape//Space (an Autodesk blog), and learn how you can put together a BIM training program for everyone in your office.

And if you’re looking for more BIM training, you can always visit AU online, where classes are always open, and always free.

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