[Resource] How to Be a Better CAD Manager

CAD managers are an asset to any organization, yet it’s a role that is often hard to pin down and continues to evolve. CAD managers wear many hats. They can fulfil management roles but also take on the role of drafter, IT expert, software procurement, CAD standard enforcement, hiring, and more.

Being a CAD manager can be a rewarding role. In the government sector, CAD managers play an important role in engineering departments, supporting civil, surveying, and public works infrastructure projects – and can be compensated well for their contributions.

But with all those hats to wear, it takes some skill to meet the varying demands of managing people, generating quality CAD output, and coordinating with other stakeholders.

So how can you hone your skills? Well, there are numerous resources to help you polish off your hands-on CAD know-how (Autodesk University, webinars, tutorials and workshops) offered by CAD Learning and Autodesk resellers, and so on (read more in How to Find the Right Kind of Autodesk Training).

However, if you’re looking for tips to make you a better CAD manager, look no further than Autodesk’s CAD Manager Center.

The CAD Manager Center includes articles, tips, and resources that can help you manage projects and software, advance your skills, try out new software, and more. Here are just a few:

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