Top Five Reasons to Read the “Google Emergency Management Tools for Govies” eBook

Blog Banner copyThe wait is over! Google and DLT Solutions are proud to introduce Google Emergency Management for Govies – a free eBook that explores how Google’s information management and collaboration tools help emergency management teams achieve unparalleled situational awareness before, during, and after a crisis.

Here are the top five reasons to read this eBook:

  1. Threats are becoming more complicated.  From mutations in flu viruses and natural disasters to understanding the challenging depths of cyber intrusions, emergency management professionals are increasingly challenged every day.  Do your teams have the right tools in place to respond to these new threats?
  2. Budgets are tighter.  Today, federal, state, and local governments are asked to do more with less.  Cloud-based solutions such as Google Maps Engine and Earth Enterprise offer agencies a way to reduce costs and improve efficiency, all while still staying one-step ahead of a crisis.
  3. We live in an age of information overload.  Emergency management personnel rely on vast and disparate data sources to help make informed decisions, including databases, public websites, intranets, spreadsheets, PDFs, GIS data, and more.  With so many repositories of data, how do agencies make this data “findable”? Find out how Google Search Appliance can break down information silos and make secure knowledge sharing as easy as finding information on the Web.
  4. Technology is advancing. Visualization, search, and collaboration technologies continue to evolve.  With innovative tools from Google, emergency management and homeland security personnel can overcome current challenges, remain compliant, save money, and spend more time focused on their core missions.
  5. Citizens need access to up-to-date information.  Collaboration tools from Google allow agencies and organizations to better disseminate knowledge to citizens in need – including up-to-the-minute information about disaster support, resources, and so on.

With Google Emergency Management Tools for Govies, you’ll discover how your teams can achieve optimal situational awareness and make faster, more-informed decisions – in the office and in the field.  You’ll also read about real-life examples of groundbreaking programs from state and local governments, including Virtual Maine and Virtual Alabama, and the Red Cross.

So what are you waiting for? Get your free eBook today at