Don't Be Confused About The New Autodesk Upgrade Policy

Over the past few weeks, I have been researching the new Autodesk Upgrade Policy which goes into effect next year and have come across mixed reviews from the Autodesk community. Some customers feel like they’re being forced to buy a subscription while others are looking forward to the benefits that a subscription brings.

While the new Autodesk Upgrade Policy might be challenging for some due to a changing pricing model and bundling of software, Autodesk is trying to levy some of that pain. Last month, they launched a limited-time promotion for customers: a free maintenance subscription for a year when they purchase select upgrades and subscribe by April 25, 2014.

There is more good news but, unfortunately, some bad news too. First the bad news: Customers using  2008 releases of Autodesk perpetual software will not be eligible for an upgrade after March 31, 2014, and will have to purchase a new version whenever they are ready to upgrade after that date.

The good news is that for most customers, the new Subscription program has brought many benefits.  Some of them are:

1.  Increases Mobility

You can work on any project from anywhere using Autodesk 360. Autodesk’s cloud. Subscription allows customers to store designs and other documents on the cloud. Feel free to design projects from anywhere that you feel inspired.

2. Improves Collaboration

You can view and share documents with anyone from around the world, all thanks to the cloud.

3. Upgrades to the Latest Software Technology

You get all of the latest updates to Autodesk Software through Subscription. You will always have the latest versions without buying new software and bugs will be fixed automatically.

4. Autodesk Cloud Capabilities

Working on the Autodesk Cloud will allow you to discover and imagine more design options, improve collaboration, and create designs from any device. There are other services available through Subscription including:

  • Rendering: Designs will be more photorealistic.
  • Autodesk Revit Conceptual Energy Analysis: Is your design energy sufficient? Use this tool to build more sustainable designs.
  • Autodesk Green Building Studio: Create buildings that are more energy efficient.
  • Autodesk Buzzsaw: Use this service to view, share, and mange project materials with your team or clients.

5. Flexible Licensing Rights: You can download the software and use it in multiple locations and access older and current versions of the software.

Not only does a Subscription bring you increased mobility and collaboration, but the cloud also has more capabilities, depending on the type of subscription. You could have access to exclusive cloud-based services that would lead you to create superior designs and serve your constituents better!

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Emily Neal