To stay ahead of the curve, organizations need solutions that are built to keep up with the continued innovation of the open source ecosystem and cloud-native market. However, many organizations don’t have the necessary platform, experience, or expert resources to get there themselves. They need a partner who can help guide them, train them, and design and build a production-ready environment that they can manage and feel confident in using.

As the leading independent platform for enterprise Kubernetes, the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) provides a differentiated approach and unique set of technologies, expert services, training, and support that enables you to deliver on the promise of digital transformation and embrace the power of Kubernetes in production at scale. Engineered from the beginning to be an open platform, DKP is built on pure upstream open-source Kubernetes providing our customers the freedom to leverage ongoing open-source innovation, immune to the lock-in of proprietary solutions. We leverage automation to enable and accelerate the hardest parts of an enterprise deployment, providing customers with the control, flexibility, and portability to deliver production applications in the cloud, on-prem, at the edge, in air-gapped environments, or any combination of them.


Developed to address the broad issues caused by cluster sprawl, Kommander is a centralized management plane that provides visibility and federated management across the Kubernetes landscape. With Kommander, you can onboard, manage, and operate disparate Kubernetes clusters with consistency and govern them all in a unified way. This capability gives teams the ability to deliver scale, standardization, and operational efficiency with the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across the organization’s cloud, on-prem, air-gapped, and edge environments.


Konvoy is a complete standalone Kubernetes distribution designed to help companies leverage Kubernetes and its supporting CNCF cloud-native technologies on any infrastructure. Because it’s built on pure upstream open source Kubernetes and includes the necessary add-ons for Day 2 production, it offers a complete solution and far more freedom from lock-in than other vendor stacks. With Konvoy, you can accelerate time to value and dramatically reduce operational overhead and costs.


KUDO (Kubernetes Universal Declarative Operator) provides a declarative and open source approach to building production-grade Kubernetes Operators by automating the entire application lifecycle. With KUDO, organizations can run complex distributed workloads and stateful services on any infrastructure with end-to-end technical support, making it easier to upgrade at scale and manage the entire lifecycle of those applications.


Kaptain is an enterprise-ready distribution of open-source Kubeflow, reinforced with additional production-focused open source applications, that provides a seamless Python-native user experience across training, tuning, deploying, and tracking of machine learning models, so you can iterate faster and more often. With Kaptain, your organization can easily develop, deploy, and run their entire ML and AI workloads in production at scale in minutes instead of months, without sacrificing security or compliance requirements.

Expert Services
Our Professional Services team provides expert guidance and support from Day 1 design to Day 2 operations — and everything in between. D2iQ has the deep expertise, experience, and industry-leading best practices to efficiently advise, activate, and drive adoption of cloud-native solutions leveraging Kubernetes.

Training Services
D2iQ is a Certified Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP) and delivers instructor-led courses that can equip you with the skills and knowledge to successfully plan, build, and operate on Day 2 in production, both for Kubernetes and its supporting cloud-native applications.

Support Services
D2iQ has a deep bench of support experts ready to assist you through the challenging issues that face any operational effort. DKP delivers a cloud-native workload testing methodology that ensures your stack of technologies are initially and continuously tested to ensure interoperability.

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